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How to avoid damage to lifting web slings
How to avoid damage to lifting web sling
1 Don’t twist the webbing sling during lifting process.
2, Do not let the lift slings knotted
3, Never try to tear the sewing parts or work overload
4, When try to move the slings, do not pull ,drag the slings on the ground, try to use a moving equipment if it is too heavy.
5, Avoiding sudden shock or strength during loading, which might cause overloading.
6, Each sling must be carefully checked before use, including the label and outlook.
7, Polyester have the function of resistance to inorganic acids, but are vulnerable to damage by organic acids.
8, The web sling should be protected from UV radiation.
9, The web sling should not be stored next to an open flame or other heat sources.
10. If the slings are used in the place contaminated with chemicals or high temperatures, you should refer to Wrigging/Wristrong Sales specialist to seek advice.
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