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ASME P30.1 - Planning for Load Handling Activities

ASME P30.1 - Planning for Load Handling Activities

Standards for Engineers and Safety Professionals Worldwide
ASME has been defining crane safety since 1916 with its series of B30 Standards. As load handling activities grow in complexity, there has been an increased need to establish a set of recognized planning guidelines. Now, for the first time in print, ASME's P30.1 Standard provides guidance on general planning considerations and practices for load handling operations occurring in all industries, so that users could apply this Standard as a template and adapt it to the needs of their specific industry or situation.

ASME P30.1-2014 Planning for Load Handling Activities
P30.1 establishes planning considerations and practices that apply to Load Handling Equipment (LHE), other associated equipment, and activities when moving loads vertically or horizontally. The planning guidance contained in this Standard is divided into two categories dependent upon the nature of the load handling activity and the degree of exposure to the issues that impact safety. These two categories are designated as Standard Lift Plan and Critical Lift Plan. The Standard does not preclude the user of this standard from creating subcategories based on their specific load handling activity considerations.

Careful application of P30.1 and B30 Standards will help users to comply with applicable regulation within their jurisdictions, while achieving the operational and safety benefits to be gained from the many industry best-practices detailed in these standards.

Intended for those who have direct or indirect responsibilities in the areas of; crane operating, crane task supervision, job planning, construction site supervision, rigging, equipment installation using LHE's, safety supervision, heavy manufacturing and component handling and rigging engineering.

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