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Sales Network

End consumers please email at: sales@wristrong.com for your local Wristrong distributors
Regional Distributors are always welcome, join Wristrong distribution system for bigger
supports to improve your current business or set up your own business , Please don't
hesitate to drop us an email : Sales@wrigging.com for details.
If you would like to talk for the distribution status in your region, you could also contact
our MD directly at jr@wrigging.com.
In The United States, Trinity Sling Authority,Inc is our authorized distributor. Anyone who
declares to 
be our distributor without our permission will be forbidden and Wristrong keeps
the rights to claim for compensation caused to both Wristrong and Trinity Sling.

Contact of Trinity Sling: Mr.Bobby Allen: ballen@trinitysling.com  Tel: 001 877 589 2404