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 Slacklines, slacklining kits and Slackline accessories from China Wristr​ong

Hangzhou Wristrong Industry Co.,Ltd is the first and most professonal slacklines manufacturer in China.
Wristrong has the unique patented slacklines webbing weaving teconoligy and exellent advaned slacklines
printing methods,which set us apart from other ratchet straps supplier(they also call it as slack lines) .
Please refer to Wristrong Sales to confirm that you are buying the real slack lines webbing or a normal
ratchet strap webbing.

Slacklines can be set up in two p​rincipal ways: in two sections of webbing with a tensioner or with
three sections of webbing and a tensioner.


Two-section setup

The two-section setup consists of: a long (30–100-foot, 9–30-metre) piece of two-or-one-inch (5.1 or 2.5 cm)
webbing with a loop sewn on one end, allowing it to cinch tightly around a tree. The second section is typically
much shorter (10 ft, 3 m) and has a similar sewn loop on one end, allowing it to cinch around a tree while the
other end of this shorter piece of webbing is sewn to a ratchet. The ratchet allows these two sections of
webbing to be connected and tensioned to the user's specifications.

Three-section setup

The three-section setup consists of: a long section of webbing (30–100 ft, 9–30 m) strung tightly and
connected to two shorter sections (8–12 ft, 2.5–3.5 m) that are called "tree slings" and are used as anchors
on either end. The most difficult and widely discussed element of a slackline setup is the tensioning system.
Common setups include simple friction methods (which can also be set up with a single section of webbing),
using wraps of webbing between two carabiners, a ratchet, a comealong, a carabiner pulley system,a roped
pulley system, or a commercial slackline kit.

Tree anchors

The most common anchors for slacklines are trees. Trees greater than 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter are
considered ideal in most cases. There are several very effective methods of tree protection that function on
two principles: eliminating abrasion, and redistributing the load over a wider area. One of the most effective
means of tree protection is a wrap of vertical blocks (1 in × 1 in (2.5 cm × 2.5 cm) cut into 6 in (15 cm) pieces)
strung together by drilling a small-diameter hole through the center and running cord through them. Blocks are
spaced evenly to prevent the anchor slings from contacting and abrading the outer bark, and the length of the
blocks distributes the load vertically as opposed to horizontally, compressing a continuous line around the
trunk.The addition of a carpet square between the block wrap and the outer bark is considered ideal among
the founding community of slackliners. Many other ways to protect the tree are commonly used, such as
towels,mats, cardboard, carpet and purpose-made tree protectors.
Using carpet squares or cardboard even, by themselves, addresses only abrasion, leaving the load
concentrated on a small area of the tree. These methods are adequate for occasional use, but with the high
tension of longlines,one who slacklines regularly should take every precaution to protect the life of the tree.


A special characteristic of slacklining is the ease with which the dynamics of the practice can be altered. Using
narrow (5⁄8 inch, 1.6 cm) webbing will result in a stretchier slackline. This allows for more sway in the line and
can make a short line feel substantially longer. Wider webbing (2 inches, 5 cm) is much more rigid, often
creating a bouncier slackline optimal for aerial tricks. The tension of the line will also increase or decrease the
sway of the line.Weight due to the different methods of tensioning will also vary the performance of a slackline.
A comealong and a ratchet will both add enough weight to allow the feedback from quick movements on
shorter slacklines to be felt.

Wristrong is able to provide all the above mentioned slackline sets, welcome customers to send your OEM
designs to make an inquiry on us.

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