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DX-331 Safety Harness-Full Body Safety Harness

Material:Alloy steel+Polyester webbing
Safety Factor:N/M
Color:Grey,or optional
Standard: EN361,EN 362,EN 354,EN 355
Characteristic:Double colors simple easy to put on, economic price with stable quality
Package:Poly bag+carton box or as requested

3-Points Safety Harness-Full Body Safety Harness-DX-331

Hangzhou Wristrong Industry Co.,Ltd started to produce Full body safety harness and its accessories for
6 years ago, when our partner in Taiwan joined us to develop the high quality safety harness for 
and international market. All of our safety harnesses are produced 100% according to Europe 
2002 and Taiwan CNS, as well as EN 354 Safety Lanyard, EN 355 Energy Absorber, EN 362 
All of our webbing belts for safety harness are produced and quality checked by ourselves in house; most
of hardware are supplied from our Taiwan partner, which gurrantee the quality and stablity.
DX-331 3-point Full Body Safety Harness with light reflective sheet Specification:

The light reflective sheet on back could make the wearer easily recognized during the dark working condition.
It is also strongly recommended to write down the information for the wearer's Blood Type, company name,
company contact telephone,etc on the light reflective sheet.

Webbing Material                    

1500D Polyester Yarn           

Webbing Width






Hardware Material

Heat Treated Alloy Steel

Load Capacity


Tensile Strength


Chest belts

Adjustable, by Pass-thru buckles , easy to handle

Dorsal belts

Fixed with one stamped alloy steel ID-RING

Shoulder belts

Adjustable, by one alloy steel buckle and D-RING attached on each side;

Thigh belts

Adjustable, by one Pass-thru buckle on each side

Seat belts

pecial designed shape to make workers falling into sitting position , ease the Pressure on limbs

Waist Belts


Waist Strap Buckles



Construction, confined space, electrician height tower working




Double colors simple easy to put on, economic price with stable quality

Specified Photos for the DX-331 3-Point Full body safety harness


Different Models of Full Body Safety Harness and safety belts available 

Lanyards and Energy absorbers avaialbe for full body safety harness


Use Instruction-DX-331 Series Full Body Harness-According to EN361:2002

Wristrong safety harness
This device is used for protection again falling; for proper use, see supervisor, or instructions, or call Wristrong industry.
This full body harness has been approved by Certification body: STP (Secretary of the Safety Technical Testi-
ng Laboratory),Adalbert-Stifter-Straße 65,A-1200 Vienna (Notified Body 0511) and STP will also be carrying
out the ongoing assessment.
These products are classed as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the European PPE Directive
89/686/EEC and have been shown to comply with this Directive through the Harmonised European Standard
BS EN 361:2002: Full Body Harness.


You must read and fully understand all instructions, or have all instructions explained to you, before
attempting to use this device. Equipment must not be installed, operated or inspected by anyone who
does not understand this Use Instruction. Failure to observe these instructions could result in
serious injury or death. Careless or improper use of this equipment can result in serious injury or
Training and instruction review should be repeated at regular intervals. If you have any questions
regarding these instructions, call Wristrong Industry. 
Warning: the shoulder attachment points for harness DX-331 have to be used together and it is not ok
to just connect to either the left or right shoulder only.

Electrical Hazard

Use extreme caution when working near energized electrical sources. Metal hardware on the harness and on
other components connected to it will conduct electrical current. Maintain a safe working distance (preferably
at least 10 feet(3m) from electrical hazard.

Moving Machinary  

When working near moving machinery parts(e.g conveyors, rotating shafts, presses, etc) make sure that
harness straps are secured by the strap collars. Maintain safe working distance from machinery which would
entangle clothing, the harness,
Or other components connected to it.
Note:The attachment point of the connecting device to the marked “A” in full body harness should be in the
center of the back between the shoulder blader; the two ropes in front of chest is used for working position
via connectors or lanyard.


To optimise protection, in some instances it may be necessary to use these products with EN397
Industrial helmet,please always use theattachment point to connected to a reliable anchor point for
EN355:2002 energy absorber, EN358:2002 Lanyard, EN362:2002 connector or other compatible
component. Dangers may arise by the use of combinations of items of equipment in which the safe
function of any one item is affected by or interferes with the safe function of another.

Pre-use visual inspection:

Inspect the harness labels to verify that they are present and legible.
Inspect all webbing (straps) and stitching for cuts, fraying, pulled or broken threads, abrasion,
excessive wear,altered or missing straps, burns, and heat and chemical exposures.
Inspect all metallic parts (i.e. D-rings and adjuster/buckle) for deformation, fractures, cracks,
corrosion, deep pitting, burrs, sharp edges, cuts, deep nicks, missing or loose parts, improper
function, and evidence of excessive heat or chemical exposures.
Inspect all plastic parts (i.e. back D-ring locator, chest strap guide ,label) for cut, broken,
excessively worn, missing and loose parts.
Inspect for evidence of burns and excessive heat and chemical exposures.
Inspect each component and subsystem of the complete system in accordance with the
associated manufacturer’s instructions. 
If the product becomes damaged or has been subjected to a fall, it shall be removed from
service or should not be used again until confirmed in writing by a competent person that it
is acceptable to do so.


Only use the following recommended cleaning treatments:
Full body harness made of textile can be cleaned, protected within a water-permeable bag,
to rinse in warm water only (max temp of 40º) and allow to dry naturally.