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DX-513 Safety Harness-Full-Body Safety Harnesses

Material:Aluminum Alloy+Polyester webbing
Safety Factor:N/M
Standard: EN361,EN 362,EN 354,EN 355
Characteristic:Five point, waist strap with foam pad, extremely light weighted as full hardware aluminum alloy, high class
Package:Poly bags+carton boxes

Safety Harness-Full-Body Safety Harnesses-DX 513 With Aluminum alloy metal Parts

An electrician construction site is a tough environment, however the design and materials used on
these construction harnesses are up to the task. Our DX 513 Full-Body Safety Harness uses high
quality Taiwan-imported Aluminum alloy metal Parts to make this harness extremely light-
weigthed for long time confortable wear during working. In addition, the harnesses use heavy-
duty webbing that is almost twice as strong as the standards require, and is certain to provide the
safety protection and longest service life possible.

Hangzhou Wristrong Industry Co.,Ltd started to produce Full body safety harness and its
accessories for 6 years ago, when our partner in Taiwan joined us to develop the high quality
safety harness for Taiwan and internation market. All of our safety harnesses are produced 100%
according to Europe EN361:358 2002 and Taiwan CNS, as well as EN 354 Safety Lanyard,
EN 355 Energy Absorber, EN 362 connector,etc.
All of our webbing belts for safety harness are produced and quality checked by ourselves in
house; most of hardware are supplied from our Taiwan partner, which gurrantee the quality
and stablity.


DX-513 5-point Full Body Safety Harness with wasit foam pad strap and light reflective
sheet Specification:
Full body aluminum alloy CE certified hardware,extremely light weighted , easy to use
for long time. 
Waist strap with foam pad, released by aluminum alloy snap buckle, easy
to handle, comfortable 
for long time use; attached by one Alunimum ID Ring one each
side for tool hanging or extra safey lanyard, ideal for the Electrician on high pole


Webbing Material                    

1500D/3300D Polyester Yarn           

Webbing Width



Yellow, Orang/Optional



Hardware Material

Aluminum Alloy

Load Capacity


Tensile Strength


Chest belts

Adjustable, by aluminum alloy snap buckle, quick release,easy to handle

Dorsal belts

Fixed with one CE certified Aluminum Alloy ID-RING

Shoulder belts

Adjustable, by one CE certified Aluminum Alloy Pass-thru buckle and ID-RING attached on each side; 

Thigh belts

Adjustable, by one CE certified Aluminum Alloy  on each side

Seat belts

pecial designed shape to make workers falling into sitting position , ease the Pressure on limbs

Waist Belts

Adjustable and fast-released by one aluminum alloy snap hook,easy to handle

Waist strap

With foam pad, comfortable for long time use; attachd by two Aluminum alloy ID Rings on the sides for extra safey lanyard and tools hanging.


Construction, confined space, electrician height tower working




Five point, waist strap with foam pad, extremely light weighted as full hardware aluminum alloy, high class.

Specified Photos for the DX-513 Full body safety harness


Different Models of Full Body Safety Harness and safety belts available 

Lanyards and Energy absorbers avaialbe for full body safety harness



Inspection and Maintenance on full body safety harness
To maintain their service life and high performance, all belts and harnesses should be inspected frequently. Visual inspection before each use should become routine, and also a routine inspection by a competent person. If any of the conditions listed below are found the equipment should be replaced before being used.
Full Body Safety Harness Inspection
1. Belts and Rings: For harness inspections begin at one end, hold the body side of the belt toward you, grasping the belt with your hands six to eight inches apart. Bend the belt in an inverted "U." Watch for frayed edges, broken fibers, pulled stitches, cuts or chemical damage. Check D-rings and D-ring metal wear pads for distortion, cracks, breaks, and rough or sharp edges. The D-ring bar should be at a 90 degree angle with the long axis of the belt and should pivot freely.
Attachments of buckles and D-rings should be given special attention. Note any unusual wear, frayed or cut fibers, or distortion of the buckles. Rivets should be tight and unremovable with fingers. Body side rivet base and outside rivets should be flat against the material. Bent rivets will fail under stress.
Inspect frayed or broken strands. Broken webbing strands generally appear as tufts on the webbing surface. Any broken, cut or burnt stitches will be readily seen.
2. Tongue Buckle: Buckle tongues should be free of distortion in shape and motion. They should overlap the buckle frame and move freely back and forth in their socket. Rollers should turn freely on the frame. Check for distortion or sharp edges.
3. Friction Buckle: Inspect the buckle for distortion. The outer bar or center bars must be straight. Pay special attention to corners and attachment points of the center bar.
The information contained within this document was obtained partially from The St. Paul-Tie or Die Fall Protection Program manual.