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DX-101 Safety Harness-Fall Protection Harness

Material:Alloy steel+Polyester webbing
Safety Factor:N/M
Length:As requested
Standard: EN361,EN 362,EN 354,EN 355
Characteristic:Simple easy to use, economic price with stable quality
Package:Poly bag+cartons

Safety Harness-Fall Protection Harness-DX-101 Great bargin!

Hangzhou Wristrong Industry Co.,Ltd started to produce Full body safety harness and its accessories
for 6 years ago, when our partner in Taiwan joined us to develop the high quality safety harness for
Taiwan and international market. All of our safety harnesses are produced 100% according to Europe
EN361:358 2002 and Taiwan CNS, 
as well as EN 354 Safety Lanyard, EN 355 Energy Absorber, EN 362

All of our webbing belts for safety harness are produced and quality checked by ourselves in house;
most of hardware are supplied from our
 Taiwan partner, which gurrantee the quality and


DX-101 One point Full Body Safety Harness with height adjustable chest belt Specification:

Webbing Material

1500D Polyester Yarn

Webbing Width






Hardware Material

Heat Treated Alloy Steel

Load Capacity


Tensile Strength


Chest belts

Adjustable, by Pass-thru buckles , easy to handle

Dorsal belts

Fixed with one stamped alloy steel D-RING

Shoulder belts

Adjustable, by one alloy steel buckle attached on each side

Thigh belts

Adjustable, by one Pass-thru buckle on each side

Seat belts

pecial designed shape to make workers falling into sitting position , ease the Pressure on limbs

Waist Belts


Waist Strap Buckles



Construction, confined space, electrician height tower working




Simple easy to use, economic price with stable quality

Specified Photos for the DX-101 One Point Full body safety harness


Different Models of Full Body Safety Harness and safety belts available 

Lanyards and Energy absorbers avaialbe for full body safety harness


How To Choose A Safety Harness 
If you work at high elevations where the leading edges shift and change, you need the right type of safety harness. This is crucial to your well-being. Wherever your safety is a concern, consider the importance of such devices as a Wristrong harness. Make certain you consider all aspects of this type of equipment before you make a decision.
Safety Harnesses: Basic Characteristics
Remember, it ranks as a key choice in your fall protection arsenal. It’s therefore imperative that it feature certain characteristics. While comfort is sought after, it is not the most important aspect to consider when looking for the right safety harness. What you need to consider is:
* Size: Does it fit according to the manufacturing and safety requirements?
* Compliance: Is it in compliance with OSHA and ANSI restrictions?
* Suitability: Does it suit the purpose for which you plan to employ it? Is it a specialty harness or a basic model?
* Recognition: Is it a high quality name brand such as an Wristrong harness or a lesser-known brand? This is not simply a matter of cost. It is an  indicator of the company’s established reputation and quality.
* Safety Features: What safety features does the safety harness have? How many D-rings are incorporated? Is the harness heat resistant, flame  retardant or padded with extra material?
* Weather Specific: Is the safety harness designed to handle all types of weather or is it specifically made for cold or hot climates?
You need to consider such factors when looking at safety harnesses. Even quality brands such as a Wristrong harness, need to be subjected to such perusal. It is all about, as the old adage goes “Safety First.”
Types of Safety Harnesses
When looking at the various types of harnesses on the market today, including a Wristrong harness, it’s important to consider the purpose. As noted above, what you plan to use the harness for is a significant factor in your decision.
* Basic Models: These harnesses feature little in comfort although they do provide the wearer with the essentials, including compliance with safety regulations.
* Improved Models: This type is inexpensive but has more safety features than the basic harnesses. They also tend to be more comfortable.
* Premium Models: These safety harnesses offer wearers complete safety features as well as comfort. They can be worn all day long without issues. A Wristrong harness falls into this category
* Specialty Models: Such safety harnesses are designed to address the demands of a specific job. As a result, harnesses are available for construction, welding, linemen and cold weather work.