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Round sling AS 4497-lifting straps-polyester roundslings

Material:High tenacity 100% Polyester
Safety Factor:7:1
Color:Colour coded according to EN 1492-2 & AS 4497
Standard: EN 1492-2 & AS 4497
Characteristic:Low elongation,Extremely wear-resistan
Package:Plastic band and filmed,then carton boxes+Pallets

Polyester Round Sling AS 4497 for Australian/New Zealand market

-According to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC & AS 4497 
-Safety Factor: 7:1, and safety factor 5:1 and 6:1 are also available
A polyester round sling is a versatile, convenient, and cost-effective way to lift a variety of cargo.
China Wristrong Industry is able to produce polyester webbings acc to EN 1492-2 & AS 4497
upto 500,000KGS for both European & Australian market.

China Wristrong-Polyester Round Slings Specification:

Round-sling-1t7 Round-slings-2t7 Round-Sling-3T7 Round-slings-4t7 Round-Sling-5T7 China-lifting-round-sling-6t China-lifting-round-slings-8ton China-heavy-lift-round-slings
 1T  2T  3T  4T  5T  6T  8T  10T
  SF 6:1      
1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T 8T 10T

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1T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
1t round sling RS1T6F Purple 6 45 6T
RS1T7F Purple 7 45 7T
RS1T8F Purple 8 45 8T
2T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
2t round sling RS2T6F Green 6 50 12T
RS2T7F Green 7 50 14T
RS2T8F Green 8 55 16T
3T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
3t round sling RS3T6F Yellow 6 55 18T
RS3T7F Yellow 7 60 21T
RS3T8F Yellow 8 60 24T
4T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
4t round sling RS4T6F Grey 6 60 24T
RS4T7F Grey 7 70 28T
RS4T8F Grey 8 65 32T
5T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
5t round sling RS5T6F Red 6 70 30T
RS5T7F Red 7 75 35T
RS5T8F Red 8 70 40T
6T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
6t round sling RS6T6F Brown 6 75 36T
RS6T7F Brown 7 80 42T
RS6T8F Brown 8 75 48T
8T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
8t round sling RS8T6F Blue 6 80 48T
RS8T7F Blue 7 95 56T
RS8T8F Blue 8 95 64T
10T ROUND SLING Model Color Safety factor Width(mm) M.B.S
10t round sling RS10T6F Orange 6 100 60T
RS10T7F Orange 7 110 70T
RS10T8F Orange 8 110 80T

Australian & New Zealand AS 4497 standard round slings requires traceable label on
each polyester round sling. However,some times we are also required to provide
normal label to dcrease the cost.
Wristrong strongly advise the customers to use the traceable label on the round slings
to totally comply with the AS 4497 standard. Bellow we just example out the two kind
of labels we've ever produced before. Of course, Wristrong could produce other forma
label to meet the customers' unique design requirements.
round sling label
round sling label

Wristrong Industry specializes in producing AS 4497 lifting round slings for Australian
market. Capacity upto 500Ton. Heavy duty round slings is one of our most prefessional
products, which is widely used in international lifting market.


polyester round sling 3t polyester round sling 4t polyester round sling 5t
Polyester-Round-slings-8ton heavy lift round sling 50ton round sling
15ton round slings 80ton round slings
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Wristrong Heavy duty round sli​ng used in Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems:

Endless round sling is an all-purpose lifting sling, which is both high strong and non-damaging to its load.
Extremely light in weight and infinitely flexible in all directions, it is easy and quick to manipulate even
when awkwardly shaped or fragile loads are being lifted.


The features of endless  round sling

1. Color-coded to international standard for indentification of lifting capacity

2. With special thickness jacket and sleeves  extend working life.

3. Each black strip is equal to 1ton capacity, it is easy to differentiate sling capacity.

4.WLL and length is clearly printed  on surface of sling.

5.Bearing point can be roated for longer working lift

6. The lifting capacity will not be affected if the core load bearing loops are not damaged

7. 100% polyester has less than 3% extension at rated capacity, and will return originally length, and 9-12% extension at break.

8.Clearly tag with serial number and a copy of certificate together with one sling.

9. Working temperature range: -40 -100 .


When using round slings always:

• Store and handle roundslings correctly.

• Inspect roundslings and accessories before use and before placing into storage.

• Follow safe slinging practices, as given overleaf.

• Position the bight for choke lift at 120°(natural angle).

• Apply correct mode factor for the slinging arrangement.

• Use protection (to avoid cutting, friction etc) and fittings which allow the sling to form smooth radii.


When using round slings never:

• Attempt to shorten, knot or tie roundslings.

• Expose roundslings to direct heat or flames.

• Use roundslings at temperatures above 80°C or below 0°C without consulting the supplier.

• Expose roundslings to chemicals without consulting the supplier.

• Shock load roundslings.

• Use roundslings with cut or damaged outer covers.


Selecting the Correct Sling

Roundslings are available in a range of materials and sizes in endless sling form. Select the slings to be used
and plan the lift taking the following into account: Material - polyester is resistant to moderate strength acids
but is 
damaged by alkalis; polyamide (Nylon) is virtually immune to alkalis but is damaged by acids;
polypropylene is little 
affected by acids or alkalis but is damaged by some solvents, tars and paints. Capacity -
the sling must be both long 
enough and strong enough for the load and the slinging method. Apply the mode
factor for the slinging method. For 
use at temperatures exceeding 80°C or below 0°C refer to the suppliers
instructions. If the slings are to be used in 
multi-leg arrangement the angle formed between the legs should
not be less than 30° or greater than 90°. If 
abrasion, heat generated by friction or cutting from edges or
corners which may damage the sling are likely, select a 
sling fitted with additional protective sleeves and/or
use suitable  packing. Storing and Handling Roundslings Never 
return wet, damaged or contaminated slings
to storage.  They should be cleaned with clear water and dried naturally. 
Never force dry roundslings.


Store roundslings by hanging on non-rusting pegs which allow the free circulation of air. The storage area
should be dry, clean, free of any contaminates and shaded from direct sunlight. Do not alter, modify or repair a
roundsling but 
refer such matters to a Competent Person. NOTE: The material from which the roundsling is
manufactured may be 
identified by the colour of the label or printing on the label: Polyester = Blue, Polyamide
(Nylon) = Green, 
Polypropylene = Brown. The outer sleeve of the sling will also be colour coded to indicate the
SWL in straight pull.


Using Roundslings Safely

• Do not attempt lifting operations unless you understand the use of the equipment, the slinging procedures

and the mode factors to be applied.

• Do not use defective slings or accessories.

• Check for correct engagement with fittings and appliances, ensuring smooth radii are formed which allow the

sling to assume its naturally flattened form under load. Do not overcrowd fittings.

• Position the bight for a choke lift at the natural (120°) angle to prevent friction being generated.

• Keep labels away from hooks and fittings.

• Take the load steadily and avoid shock loads.

• Do not leave suspended loads unattended. In an emergency cordon off the area.


In-service Inspection and Maintenance

Maintenance requirements are minimal. Roundslings may be cleaned with clear water. Remember weak

chemical solutions will become increasingly stronger by evaporation Regularly inspect roundslings and, in
the event of the following defects, refer the sling to a Competent Person for thorough examination: illegible

markings; damaged or cut outer cover; damaged stitching; exposed inner core; heat damage; burns;
chemical damage