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Ratchets & Cambuckles for lashing tie down straps

Material:Mn Steel
Safety Factor:2:1
Length:As requested
Color:Black,silver,light yellow,etc
Standard: EN EN12195-2,WSTDA,ASTM B30.9
Characteristic:Made from High quality steel,smooth surface
Package:Carton boxes+Pallets

Ratchets & Cam buckles to EN12195-2 & ASTM B30.9

Wristrong Industry produces 25mm-100mm wide' Ratchet and cam buckles, acc to EN12195-2 for European market, also
1" to 4" ratchets to ASTM B30.9 and WSTDA for North America market. Please check bellow and feel free to contact us

if any item comes to your interests 

Tie down straps (also called lashing straps, webbing with linking device or tie downs) are fasteners used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. Tie down straps are essentially webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware. This hardware allows the tie down strap to attach to the area surrounding the cargo or equipment, loop over the cargo or equipment, and/or attach to the cargo or equipment. It usually also includes a method of tensioning the strap, such as a ratchet.
Two common types of tie down straps are loop straps and two-piece straps.
Loop straps, like their name implies, are a single piece of webbing that is looped around the item to be protected and the two endpoints are brought together at the tie down fastener for fastening and providing tension.
Two-piece tie down straps are a single assembly that is constructed out of two separate pieces of webbing each with their own hardware that are fastened at one end to the area surrounding the equipment to be protected and connect to each other, typically at the fastener. Webbing with linking device is a product used for fastening of goods with truck, trailer, pallets, boxes, containers etc. This is also known as Ratchet lashing, Ratchet straps, Ratchet tie down, tie down straps, lashing with webbing etc.
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