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Corner Protectors-Edge Protectors-V boards

Material:PE ,Rubber,or Steel
Safety Factor:N/M
Length:As requested
Color:As reqested
Standard: N/M
Characteristic:Strong and wearable
Package:Carton boxes

Corner Protectors-Edge Protectors-V boards

Wristrong produces virous types of corner protectors for your choice, please contact us if you cann't find the model
you need, as we are also be able to produce the OEM designs.

Corner protectors (sometimes also called strap protectors, vee boards, or tie down strap protectors) are an inexpensive way to protect not only your cargo, but also protect your straps or chains, and any tarps or covers that you use in tie down applications.
Designed to provide a layer between the edge of cargo and the strap or chain that secures it to the vehicle, flatbed corner protectors distribute the pressure of the straps or chains across a wider area, so no concentrated area bears the pressure of securing the entire load. This even distribution works to safeguard the cargo while also dramatically extending the working life of the strap or chain. 

corner protectors

Corner protectors used on Ratchet tie down lashing straps

Wristrong also produce various types of webbing wear sleeves, which are widely used
on lifting webbing slings, round slings, chain slings,wire rope slings, ratchet tie down
straps,etc, please send us your OEM requirements on the webbing sleeves, and we can
produce according to your desgins.

wear sleeve wear sleeve
Webbing wear sleeve for Chains Webbing wear sleeve for heavy duty ratchet tie down straps
wear sleeve wear sleeve
Webbing wear sleeve for webbing slings Webbing wear sleeve for wire rope

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