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 One way slings,Webbing slings,Disposable lifting straps,Clover leaf slings 

Wristrong manufactures disposable webbing slings/one way use only slings to the DIN 60005, ISO 4878,
EN 1492-1, ect
. These slings are made from High Tenacity Polyester or Polypropylene Yarn with a safety
factor of 
4:1,5:1,6:1,7:1,8:1. Label: Orange, Blue or other. These multiple lifting one way slings are used
for the loading and unloading of cargo at 
intermediate drops until they are off loaded at there final
destination; where the supplier of the 
cargo's liability will be ceased and the slings should be scrapped.

One way one use only webbing slings are widely used in manufacturers of: Steel Bars, wood, welded mesh,
geomembrane liners,copper tubes, iron tubes, reinforcing steel mesh etc.

The special designed Wristrong one way slings are great choice to handle the items meantion above. With
the competitive prices, quality and suitable designs, Wristrong one way slings has got a good recognition in
the international lifting and material handling industries.

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