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Grade 80 Alloy Chain, Alloy Fitting & Chain Sling, Grade 100 Alloy Fitting

The Chains related products from Wristrong includes:

Lifting Alloy Steel Chain

Application: Short links chain Grade 80 produced according to Dutch standard EN 818, suitable for lashing.
Custom sizes available upon request.
Material: alloy steel, high tensile
Marks: Mark sign T8 or G80 as requirment.
This is in line with the higher 4 to 1 design safe factor required by the International Standards Organization
The chain and components in Toolee welded.
Grade 80 is a high strength, heat treated alloy chain that is primarily used as a sling component for overhead
lifting, Specially using in chain slings, 
but can also be used in rigging and tie down applications where a lighter
weight, high strength chain is desirable.

Grade 80 Chain Sling

Grade 80 alloy chain slings are often selected when operating under high temperature or rigged conditions
that would abrade or destroy other types of slings. They are flexible, durable, long lasting, ductile, easy to
inspect, collapsible for convenient storage, and will adhere securely to the contours of a load. The most
advantageous feature of a chain sling is its ability to be repaired/ Nearly any damaged component
discovered during an inspection can be repaired and restores to useful condition.

Grade 80 Alloy Chains Fittings

Grade 80 Alloy chains fittings we provide including: G80 Alloy Hooks, G80 Alloy Connecting Links, G80 Alloy
Master Link, G80 Alloy Swivels,shackles,etc.
All of the chain sling components are inspected and tested by our enignners to be proven as good quality.
Please just contact us if you cann't find the item you need on our website, we can also source from our
cooperative factories for you.
For example, We can also supply you the G100 lifting hooks & links as follows with competitive price and
high quality:

Grade 100 European type connection link from 6mm to 32mm
Grade 100 Japanese type connection link 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm
Grade 100 Eye sling hook with latch from 6mm to 32mm
Grade 100 Clevis sling hook with latch from 6mm to 22mm
Grade 100 European type eye selft-locking hook from 6mm to 22mm
Grade 100 Europen type clevis self-locking hook from 6mm to 22mm
Grade 100 European type swivel self-locking hook from 6mm to 22mm
Grade 100 Eye shortening grab hook with size from 6mm to 22mm
Grade 100 Master link with flat from 10mm to 72mm
Grade 100 Master link assembly with flat 6mm,8mm,10mm,13mm,16mm
Grade 100 Welded master link with flat with WLL: from 2.5ton to 25 ton
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